Research & NetworksResearch & Networks :

We aim to make our practices evolve according to our experience and the social and technological changes.
For months, we focus on understanding and take profit from the "social networking" online revolution. 


     M&AM&A :

IBS works with investment funds or M&A specialists during the merger & acquisition process.
IBS solutions are handling the social aspects of the process...


     Sourcing & RecruitmentSourcing & Recruitment :

Identification, Sourcing, direct approach and creation of candidates pools: IBS's solutions meet managers needs.
IBS handles the toughest and time wasting part of the recruitment process: the candidates sourcing. We constitute for you a pool of the best profiles, you just have to select the person that fits the most to for the position.


     Intelligence & InformationIntelligence & Information :

Strategic information is the key to corporate competitivity. Our services enable to our clients to get access to essential strategic data. We adapt to your needs. Do not hesitate to contact us!

     Training & SharingTraining & Sharing :

We accompaign managers in professional transition. We focus on helping them to get visible to be approached by recruitment agencies. We also aim to create a network of executive managers and promote business contacts.


Intelligence becomes an asset

Intelligence, in companies, comes from two sources: the Human Resources and the strategic information management.

The Information became abundant, even superabundant. How to get to the point? How to find the specific information that is sought in emergency?

Frustrating paradox: the over-information leads to the under-informed, sometimes even misinformation.

Confusing Reality : executive managers and executives are struggling to obtain real-time, verified information. Companies need it to succeed.
The traditional recruitment process suffers from this confusion, often due to numerous Internet sources.

The most comprehensive reports are often outdated when they reach your desktop:
• the rapidly changing realities of the world
• the truths of yesterday are not those of today
• an informed decision must be based on an updated evaluation

Follow the rewards levels in China, the evolution of organizations in Russia, the growth expectations in Brazil: all these opportunities require instant information, those who cannot be found in the traditional channels of information...

Anticipating, clearing, imagining: it is the service offered by INTELLIGENCE BUSINESS SOLUTIONS ® ...

with the appropriate solution as keyword keyword.

• Overcome the hazards
• Reduce risks
• Get to the point 


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